Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys: MAGIC 3

computers keyboards macbook colors 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_4This keys is used for all windows version:

like:    WINDOWS XP



Warning: (But i’m not sure in windows vista because i’m not try this window in my life)

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + F1

Open the Microsoft Windows help and support center.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + D

Opens the Desktop to the top of all other windows.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + E

Open Microsoft Windows Explorer.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + F

Display the Windows Search or Find feature.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Ctrl + F

Display the search for computers window.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + L

Lock the computer and switch users if needed (Windows XP and above only).

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + M

Minimizes all windows.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Shift + M

Undo the minimize done by SF137818-019_EN_v2 + M and SF137818-019_EN_v2 + D.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + R

Open the run window.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + U

Open Utility Manager or the Ease of Access Center.

Windows XP only

SF137818-019_EN_v2+ Tab

Cycle through open programs through the Taskbar.

Windows 7 and 8 only

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + 1-0

Pressing the Windows key and any of the top row number keys from 1 to 0 opens the program corresponding to the number of icon on the Taskbar. For example, if the first icon on the Taskbar was Internet Explorer, pressing SF137818-019_EN_v2 + 1 would open that program or switch to it if already open.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + (Plus (+) or Minus (-))

Open Windows Magnifier and zoom in with the plus symbol (+) and zoom out with the minus symbol (-).

  • Press the SF137818-019_EN_v2 + ESC to close the Magnifier


Minimize all windows except the active window.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + P

Change between the monitor and projection display types or how second screen displays computer screen.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + T

Set the focus on the Taskbar icons

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Left arrow

Shrinks the window to 1/2 screen on the left side for side by side viewing.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Right arrow

Shrinks the window to 1/2 screen on the right side for side by side viewing.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Up arrow

When in the side by side viewing mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to full size.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Down arrow

Minimizes the screen. Also, when in the side by side viewing mode, this shortcut takes the screen back to a minimized size.

Windows 8 only

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + ,

Peek at the Windows Desktop.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + .

Snap a Windows App to the sides of the screen. Pressing it multiple times will switch between the right and left-hand side of the screen or unsnap the app.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + Enter

Open Windows Narrator

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + C

Open the Charms.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + G

Cycle through Desktop gadgets.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + H

Open Share in Charms.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + I

Open the Settings in Charms.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + J

Switch between snapped apps.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + K

Open Devices in Charms.

SF137818-019_EN_v2 + O

Lock the screen orientation.


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